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 We were at a dinner party with family and extended family recently.  Our grown sons were there, as well as some people we had not seen for several months.  One member present has never caught on about inappropriate topics of discussion or language for that matter, when children are present.  I am one of, (I believe) the last handful of people on earth who think that children should get to be children for as long as possible.  When the boys were small, I would remind our family member that “there are ears at the table.”  That always quieted him down. 

The evening was progressing nicely, the dinner, delicious, when the conversation grew quite lively over a particular aspect of the coming election.  Nearly everyone had joined in the heated discussion, when from Sam & his cousin’s end of the table, we hear in that clear, crisp voice….yes, think of the pharmacy story….he said “Excuse me!  There are EARS at the table.”  That stopped everyone where they sat.  The instigator of the story was quiet the rest of the evening.


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 We get a lot of wisdom from our back seat.  

     Our 11 year old has this whole political thing figured out.  When he heard that the presidential candidates were picking their running mates, Sam had this suggestion…a bit of sage 6th grade advice. 

     “It’s sorta like picking teams for dodge ball. For a Vice President, you’d better pick someone who is a friend, someone that you like to be with, because being president is a hard job.  You want someone on your team who will be a good player.  Someone who likes the same kind of pizza that you do, someone who you like hanging out with, because you are going to be together for four years.  It’s kinda like being married, isn’t it, Mom?”   “Oh yeah,” I said….”it’s something like that Sam.”

     Oh that life was as simple as picking a team for dodge ball…..dodge ball….banned in most US elementary schools.

Sorry….couldn’t find a picture of dodge ball…anywhere. 

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