N Slayer

I’ve just learned that I have been nominated for the Narcissist Slayer Award 2013!
You can learn more about it by clicking the attached link.


The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
2. Put the award’s logo on your blog.
3. Write a blog post and share the blog(s) you have chosen there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required.
4. Inform your nominees on their site.
5. Share one positive thing that you took away from your relationship with a Narcissist.

Dear Kim: Thank you for nominating my blog for this award. As they say on the Oscars, it is an honor just to be recognized. I’ve placed the award logo on my page, although I assure you I don’t look that hot in “narcissist slaying yoga pants……
As for (the) one positive thing that I took away from the (fresh hell) frie-N-dship with the N would be this….
It is truly an exalted and mind-blowing epiphany…..

“When going in to a fast food establishment….if you are able to serve yourself your own beverage…
taste it first before leaving to make sure there is has proper distribution of soda to syrup…..”

That’s it, that’s all I got for my grief and abuse. Amazing isn’t it?
Not kidding….I can’t make this stuff up!


More Resources

I have some new book resources for those readers who like to be able to read and highlight to their hearts content.

“Co-Parenting with a ToXic Ex: What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse Tries to Turn the Kids Against You” By Amy J. L. Baker PhD.


“Children of the Self Absorbed: A Grown-Up’s Guide to Getting Over Narcissistic Parents”



There might be a reader who needs this message this evening:

saying 1


I’m not sure which group I am more tired of fielding/deleting comments from:

The Spell casters who claim that the “Great Wumba Bumba” can make the Narcissist come back for the readers of my blog, restore their broken relationships, return what was once flaccid to rigid sturdiness, cure baldness, restore fertility (refer to the ‘flaccid made sturdy’) make everyone ‘one big happy family’ again and clear up pimples.

I am told that my readers can contact “GWB” at this email or that phone number and, although it is never mentioned, I’m sure it involves at least 3 flex payments of $69.95….plus postage and handling… not included…subject to approval…void where prohibited….

The Minecrafters, now they don’t promise anything, most of the time they just want to tell me my blog looks fabulous and that it is easy to find. They like how it is set up and ‘where did I find my wallpaper?’

Pretty civilized for game players who just want to build stuff with blocks. The only exception is when they tell me my blog is “rift with spelling errors…..Really??!! You guys sit around and play games all day on the computer and you are choosing to tell me that my posts have spelling errors? Really? I am guessing that was a quote from an English teacher on someone’s essay and the gamer is venting.

My limited research tells me there is a Spell Caster Association with their own website, and just like the Academy Awards, they have a “Spell Caster of the Year Award.”

Just today, I had a comment telling me I could contact a spell caster (by yet a different name) in times of trouble.
Whoa! Don’t go there. I have Someone I can contact in good times or bad, 24/7, and He does not require logging into a website or 3 easy payments by credit card.

While that’s lovely that there are people whose job it is to reunite the narcissist with his/her supply, I am delighted that the N is gone, gone, gone.

I have a friend who is desperate need of a new LCD projector. It died during the first week of school – Could the spell casters help with that?
I have another friend who has no budget this school year whatsoever to buy books or supplies for her library.
Is there a spell for that?

Great quote

“Whenever you want to marry someone, go have lunch with his ex-wife.” (first)
by Francis William Bourdillon.

Grammar Nazis

I had a comment today, where the writer took me to task, stating that I have spelling errors on my posts. They found this most disturbing.

I found it equally disturbing that I had to read their comment no less than 5 times to even grasp what they were trying to say.
No worries, you won’t have to read it here…I sent them on to their reward…..


Is this great or what?
Cartoonists must read my blog too.
Thanks Mike Peters.