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One of my girlfriends is now the mother of 3 boys….3 boys under the age of 6…
I don’t why that scares me…I did it…but I was much younger then. 
She called me with a funny “little boy mama” story. 

She and her husband had the two little boys and the newborn all loaded in the car.  They have a rule when traveling with the baby….Don’t bother him in the car.  Don’t peek in his carrier, don’t poke him.  Her newest son is still at the stage where when woken, he can go from whimper to blood curdling scream in 3.5 seconds. 

She tells me that he is still eating every hour and a half…and when he wants to eat, there’s no putting him off. 
I remember when Sam was two weeks old, we went for a baby checkup.  He weighed 8 1/2 pounds.  The doctor told me that he should be eating every 4 hours….I looked at her, me, a vintage mama of 4 and silently scoffed at her.  IF I had let Sam go 4 hours without eating, the Sheriff and Social Services would have been on our doorstep. 

As my girlfriend and her husband were trying to grab a few minutes of conversation in the front seat….(we all know what thats like)….the two older boys were in the back seat…pestering the newborn. 

Little Alex had had enough.  Within seconds he was screaming like a banshee and my friends were still 10 minutes from home.  When they finally pulled in the driveway, which seemed like an eternity, her husband turned around in the front seat and said, “Now, what has this experience taught us?!”

As Alex was scooped up by his frantic mama…
Two little voices could be heard over the quieting sobs….”Don’t bother the baby.”


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What is it they say? 
Art imitates Life? 
Or Sunday comics imitate laundry day? 

While my brother and his wife are on their cruise, I am doing laundry for 3 rambunctious “tweens- semi-tween.” 
(My nephew acts close enough to a tween, to be included.)

This should really be no big deal. 
I did the laundry of 4 boys for many years; but I don’t remember missing this many socks at my house. 
I remember taking little terry cloth sleepers and warm receiving blankets out of the dryer; pairs of jeans that were smaller than my arm. 
Everything had a Carter’s, Osh Kosh, or Health-Tex label.  Maybe I’ve been sniffing the bottle of Downy too much today, I am feeling a bit weepy for the old days. 

Now I am washing things with sparkles and so much pink that I feel like there has been an estrogen explosion.  This must be what it’s like to have a daughter.  I have been informed that “this is only to be washed in cold water and that never goes in the dryer!”  I have been able to redeem my faux pas by painting her toe nails a VERY hot pink…what else.

At the moment there are 5 socks on the dryer…missing their mates. 
If these wayward socks have found their way into your dryer, let me know…we’ll arrange a swap. 


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I don’t hardly ever post about anything controversial. 

I think I can tell you everything you’d ever want to know about Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  I don’t think that anyone has ever argued with me about my experiences and subsequent wisdom regarding the N. 
I try not to stick my toes into areas where a verbal confrontation would occur.  I had enough of that crap with the N.  Everyone pretty much agrees that these Narcissistic individuals are whacked.  (That’s a fancy psychological term for those not in the know.) 

Having brought new babies home from the hospital, I also feel intelligent enough to talk about babies and how much is involved in caring for this brand new human. 
My sons were alert, robust, healthy, demanding, latch on & down to business (nursers) strong – 8  to 9 ‘pounders’. 

They were not 9 week preemies with breathing difficulties, underdeveloped lungs, various health worries – fragile little sparrows fallen from the nest too soon, arriving  too early for them to fly solo.

Mine arrived one at a time. 
When I needed help, I had a husband to lean on.  Even so, it was over whelming with ONE.  The gear alone, that is necessary for one baby!  Can you imagine….say, I don’t know……maybe EIGHT? 

I just have this “mind blowing” vision of 8 little bundled up ‘burritos’ in two cribs….none of my sons’ bedrooms would have comfortably held 8 cribs. 
A friend of ours, has newborn twins, and a kindergartener.  She has a “support staff” that would make someone in the news – envious.

Can you imagine EIGHT tiny babies that are ALL hungry at the same time…..plus SIX more? 
When we switched to formula, it was roughly 3 cans of dry powder a week for one hungry boy.  That was $33.00 a week, 11 years ago. 
Do you know what formula runs these days? 
I looked. 
On sale – $25.00 for one can of dry powder…that’s not even the best brand, with DHL something or other that is better for optimum brain development.  That one can might last a newborn eating every 2 hours…maybe 3 days. (Never mind the bottled water.) 
Let’s multiply that by……Eight. 
$600.00 for formula per week….and I haven’t even talked about diapers…..

I sure hope she has NASCAR sponsorship…..she’s going to need it.

Thanks to Flicker for the “Binky” photo.

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