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Thanks to E S GIBBS & Time for the photo…precious

Random thoughts and memories of the Big Day….

Three rehearsals before the big event…Tiring

One wardrobe malfunction…who knew his feet were going to out grown the ‘viola recital shoes’ in little over one month?  $15.00

CA’s “June gloom” burning off just as he receives his certificate.

Taking photos at the edge of the stage as he receives his awards….
Hubby asks me if I am a member of the Paparazzi….”The other three” pretend they don’t know me. 

One hellium ballon….”You Totally ROCK Grad”…$12.99
The helium refreshed for free.

Photos with his nemesis…..they will be missing each other before long.

Tickets for 3 no make that 4, when Sam invites a fellow “grad” to an evening showing of “UP ” in 3D…$51.00
…gasp, choke, sputter…but we made two ‘tween boys very happy…and we’ve got 3 pairs of 3D glasses! 

Sam and friend sitting a row behind us giggling….Wish I’d taken a photo of the sparkling eyes and excitement.

Unlimited refills on popcorn and two large drinks….$15.00
They call it the Family Pack…it should be called the Upset Tummy Pack. 
3 AM the next morning found me sanitizing the bathroom floor….Sam missed the trash can and the comode…seven times…
Just part of Motherhood. 

“UP”…hit close to home …
For what they did this past week for the little girl dying from a vasular cancer was compassionate, touching and very God Like. 
Many Blessings to you.
To read more about it go to:   http://www.ocregister.com/articles/pixar-up-movie-2468059-home-show?referrer=google


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