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Sometimes I get my ideas for a post by using the search engine terms.  One of my friends pointed this part of the dashboard out to me when I first started blogging.  She said, “Look to see the search engine phrases people use to find your blog…”  I call these my FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions.

I was asked this question recently and I didn’t even have to come up an answer – the Seattle Times did it for me.  This is only the second case that I have heard of where the victim was actually a professional, well-educated individual with the finances to leave her abuser.  But as you will read, even those resources did not aid the victim in her escape.  After reading this, now I don’t know if I would ever recommend that the victim instigates the leaving of the Narcissist – It should only be done if the victim has an escape plan.  Read what happened when the victim in the article below tried to leave her abuser.  Terrifying.  Be sure you read some of the over 100 comments…..

A woman was tormented for 8 years before calling 911, prosecutors say –
The wife of a Snoqualmie man charged with domestic violence endured eight years of abuse, but it wasn’t until he threatened her dog that she called police, court documents allege.

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I must say this is one of the more amusing questions I have been asked. 
I would have to say, of all the names that the Narcissist is called…(most of which could not be posted here, as I do try to keep it clean)…to call the N a “Dirty Dog” would be one of the nicest things to call him….LOL

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   Sometimes I get my ideas for a post by using the search engine terms.  One of my friends pointed this part of the dashboard out to me when I first started blogging.  She said, “Look to see the search engine phrases people use to find your blog…”  I call these my FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions. 

Being a mom I have read lots of picture books –
When I saw this search item term the first thing that popped into my head was this picture book titled:  “How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?”    

When my youngest was little we had several of the How Do Dinosaur… books.  These are delightful books, they are fun to read and once your child is 18 months to 3 years they can start recognizing the “environmental” words and begin reading along with you.  We read all the time throughout the day, not just at bedtime and all the boys had their favorite books.  By the time all of them had reached three years old there were many books that they had “memorized.”  At least that’s what I thought until one day I decided I would skip pages and have one of my sons read part of the story out-of-order.
Would he remember the story just from the pictures?  Matthew didn’t miss a beat or a word and thought that Mom was pretty tricky mixing up the story.  We had just gotten a shipment of our Dr. Seuss books in the mail so I handed one of the books to Matt to see what he could do.  He read it cover to cover, cold, with no prompting. 
Proud, teary eyed Mom moment. 
Moral of the story:  Read to your kids. 

The How do Dinosaurs…books are written by Jane Yolen.  We don’t have all of them – but I believe that they were all illustrated by Mark Teague.  The illustrations are lovely; as you can see above.  I love that dinosaur face. I am expecting a giant-sized temper tantrum at news that it is bedtime. 
Some of the titles include:   How do Dinosaurs Eat their Food/ Go to School / Clean Their Rooms / Learn Their Colors.  
I remember reading How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon not too long ago when Sam was sick. 
We both laughed at the dinosaur throwing his dirty tissues on the floor. 
Next time you need a gift for your favorite little person pick up one of these special books. 

My apologies to Ms. Yolen but when I read through the titles of her wonderful picture books I was reminded that many of them could not apply to a narcissist. 

You’ll never see a picture book titled:  
How do Narcissists Say ‘I Love You’? 
(They wouldn’t know HOW to say those words.)
How do Narcissists Love Their Dogs / Cats?  (News flash:  Narcissists hate animals.) 
How do Narcissists Play with their Friends?  (They Devalue and Discard them – that’s how!)  

How Do Narcissists say “I’m sorry?” 
Answer: They don’t. 
End of Story…..

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    Sometimes I get my ideas for a post by using the search engine terms.  One of my friends pointed this part of the dashboard out to me when I first started blogging.  She said, “Look to see the search engine phrases people use to find your blog…”  I call these my FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions. 

How long will it take the guy (the narcissist) to miss you if there’s no contact?

People people, work with me here!!

The point of No Contact is not to make the narcissist crazy with longing for you – remember he’s crazy to begin with!
This isn’t some sort of game we’re playing.  The purpose of No Contact is to give you, the victim relief, space, a time to heal,  because you need to get as far away from the narcissist as possible.  To be fair, there are females who are narcissists, substitute the appropriate pronoun.

No Contact gives you your sanity back.  Give No Contact some time and the “N Fog” will clear.  You will wonder why you stayed in a “relationship” with him as long as you did.  You’ve been severely abused by a narcissist.  In my humble opinion, all n’s are psychopaths – they may not live with their mother (her dead body in a room upstairs) run a hotel and come into guest’s rooms with a butcher knife – but they are still, psychos!  Do you get it?  I think many of us are lucky to be alive.  No exaggeration.

Why in the name of all that is holy, do you want this gutter snipe to miss you!  He is not what you thought he was, he is false.  Nothing that he presented to you was true, all those lovely qualities that so entranced you in the beginning – those were all the attributes that he absorbed from worthwhile human beings and he isn’t one of them!  Human or lovely.  Some of those qualities that you saw in him that you thought were so special?  They were – no doubt your own qualities that he was mirroring back to you.

If you were the one to leave the N –
and in doing so thought that it would give him something to think about — that it would make him wake up and change his behavior to come groveling back to you – Think again!

He woke up all right – looked and saw that his eager, willing, worthless, doting floor mat was gone.  He probably said, “Damn, now I have to go and cultivate new supply – Eh, I was too good for her anyway…”

If the N discarded you – (how many times does this make?) his reaction was the same.
Try to grasp this concept, however sick and twisted – The. Narcissist. Doesn’t. Care.  He/She – Does.  NOT.  Miss. You!

How long will it take the Narcissist to miss ?
The narcisssist is NEVER going to miss you!


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I knew when I admitted that I saw the narcissist’s eyes change color in my post “FAQ:  Can you really tell a Narcissist by his Eyes?” that I needed to be prepared for some unique comments.  Nearly all of the comments validated me and my experiences. But here’s the one I had been expecting: 

Ok…question. I don’t believe myself to be a N and asked my fiance’ to be sure…but if I go into a fit of rage my eyes, white included, turn completely black. A girl I dated once actually looked into them and swore it was like looking into the night sky….all black with what looked like star…white dots.
I only go into such a rage when the ones I love or those who are to weak to defend themselves are threatened. It’s only happened maybe 5 times in my life. I’m 24, male.
Any ideas as to why? Any answers are welcome…I….I just want to know whats wrong with me. I don’t remember any of the moments while my eye were like that save the one previously mentioned. I become crazy strong and fast….very….well, deadly. It scares me and those I love.
Please….anything would be a great help.

Dear Don’t Believe: 

You either need to find a good ophthalmologist QUICK or…what it really sounds like to me – you have been watching too many re-runs of the X-files on Chiller. OR…Season Two of True Blood. 
If your eyes are turning completely black perhaps you have what Scully & Mulder called “the black oil”
Thank you for my comedy relief for the month.

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    I received the following comment a few days ago.  It was written with much thought and is very clear and concise.  I’ve been in contact with it’s writer and he has agreed to let me post it to the “front page”.  Sometimes I get great, thoughtful comments and they are buried deep in the comments on a post.  His response needed to be brought to the surface. 
Elisse Stuart


Q. What’s worse than a narcissist?
 A. An intelligent narcissist.

(Narcissistic) Curtain Calls…best metaphor I’ve heard in ages!  MY STORY…I can only give examples from the recent experience I’ve had with my now, ex girlfriend, (Yes, I am a man, girls – it happens to us guys as well) who I believe is a ‘covert narcissist’.  Someone who would cover up the arrogance by being the opposite.  She appears shy, like a wall flower. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, very endearing, very well liked in our circle of friends. However we are talking anout a wolf in sheep’s clothing… she has a very highly specialized status job in the city and is EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT.  How she works as part of a team, I don’t know.  She doesn’t really work in a team, it seems like she runs everything including her boss and I’ll get to the boss later in the story.
I lived and loved her for over 2.5 years.
She was never wrong, didn’t take criticism at all well. We never argued, which is not good in a relationship.  And I think this is more of avoidance than anything else.
No empathy, no remorse, working always to her agenda blaming others and failure to take responsibility for her actions.

IN THE BEGINNING… We were members of the same amateur dramatic group.  I liked her, she was attractive, sassy full of life etc.. and friends we were talking at in the pub after shows etc.  She approached me, told me her current relationship wasn’t right and she wanted to end it.
And in all honesty she told me about her dodgy past.  But now on my reflection.. how much of it was truth or being economical with the truth?  Down is up, up is down.  And she told me she was (and still is) having therapy.. now there’s a thought.
I knew I was taking a massive risk with this person as she didn’t seem to ‘know herself’.
But in life we take risks… if we don’t, we will not know ourselves’ and will remain emotionally stunted.
I went for it and became the new lover or source if you like.  She left her partner within weeks, so there wasn’t much ‘overlap’ as I didn’t want to be the ‘other man’.  I didn’t feel good about myself while we were carrying on etc.

She moved into a rented a house.  I said ‘have some space, time on your own’
No. She wanted me now, I was the love of her life etc…etc.  We all know where this is going.  She had her house and I had mine.  Although I spent all my time round at hers.

The thing is – narcissists can’t stand on their own 2 feet.
They have to have someone.  She is so insecure.
They have to have a support network, we all need people in our life’s, family friends, spouse etc. but you’ll find N’s are people junkies they like to have lots of people that they can tap into.  And when it ain’t going their way they’ll dump you.
I believe she chose me because at the time I was strong.  I told her that I was divorced, had managed to sell a very big house and purchase 2 smaller houses one for me and one for my ex-wife and my 3 children.  That impressed her.  And she knew I could help her move on to the next stage in her life and help rebuild her life ie. get out of the old relationship move and buy a house etc.
I am very good at fixing things DIY and a good organiser etc.  I did an awful lot for her.

MY whole life changed!!!

At first the love or as I thought it was love, was ‘euphoric’.  It was just something else, so wonderful something I have never experienced before. I felt loved.  The sex was just amazing.  After a few months it was a leap year 2008 and in Feb she asked to marry me.
I was very flattered no woman has ever asked.  I always did the asking and I had only ever asked twice before (1. my ex-wife and 2. one other lover years ago and she said no).  Alarm bells were ringing because she had only been out of relationship for a short while and now wanted to marry me.  It all sounds very nice but a bit juvenile for someone that’s 40.  But I was so in love etc…etc.

The first year was great.  But something wasn’t right IT WAS ALL TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  It felt like I was dealing with the emotions of a child rather than an adult. Weird.
Sometimes she would be staring at me (lovingly) and end up walking into something.
Talk of ‘never leave me’ ‘always and for ever’ etc. etc. lots and lots of it. little notes left about the house which is all normal she couldn’t get enough of me.  I know that people in love do all this stuff but it all so gushing that’s the only way to describe it.  And I was hooked.

This was the idealization stage.
On the gift giving, there were lots of gifts, spontaneous.  (Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!) I gave back in return lots of love. love letters, gifts, flowers etc…etc.

My kids got to know her kids and they all got on great.  We had our first holiday together along with another friend and her children, which now I think was her secondary NS.  The more I write about this the more I understand the nature of the person I was dealing with.
The NS has to be on their best behaviour at first.  Thing is why did she pick me??.. she must have had other suitors… But I obviously had something that she lacked…

She did have pics of friends family etc. all seemed normal.
But no long-term friends like Uni friends etc.  In fact she would criticise them.
Then almost overnight came the depression, self loathing.  The silence. She wouldn’t open up tell me what was wrong. It was like an emotional wall.
Is this common in narcissists?
I felt like I was in the wrong perhaps it’s me that’s getting her down.  What can I do to make things better?  Why is she like this?  Why doesn’t she talk to me about what’s bothering her.
One thing they are afraid of, is intimacy.
I mean real intimacy.
Talking about real problems.  She never really talked about me, to me ie. How do feel about your brothers illness? What went wrong with your other female relationships?  Lets go and see some of your friends in your home town etc. It was always about her… and her agenda.  Never about me.  I felt lost I felt I was changing, disoriented.  I was losing my identity.  I was so desperate to make this relationship work I was changing myself into something I thought she wanted me to be.  She fed me, we slept together, the sex became less frequent, less passionate and I would always have to initiate it.
We never argued.. now I think she was afraid that would lead to her revealing her true self..
Am I right??

My ex-wife contracted breast cancer late 2009… I joking said “well, we may have to buy a big house and all of us live together your kids my kids”…and I know that scared her.  Intimacy and commitment. An adult would say something like ‘well I’m not sure if I can do that.. or I’m not ready for this.. lets talk about this and find a solution etc’.  But she didn’t.
They can’t confront real issues.  It’s like dealing with a child who isn’t getting the right sort of candy.  What happens – a tantrum – but she can’t have a tantrum, because the real person will come out.. Writing this all down is helping me make sense of it all.

It felt she was the flat tyre and I was the pump. It was exhausting. She rarely projected. On occasions I would get the blast of something that I had done, that was my fault but in the middle of something else, she was trying to come to terms with. So it was out of context.  Oh my God when she was angry you knew about it (where’s the wall flower now?). So now we on to the next stage ‘devaluation’. She would dig at me about my age or doing something that was a ‘dad thing’ or undervaluing my achievements.  From no provocation whatsoever.  No matter what I did to try to please her, it wasn’t enough.  I felt I was becoming a person she wanted me to be.  I was going insane.  It was give, give, give and nothing coming back.  So I tried to detach myself abet for my own well being.

Then came the discarding.
One night she just dumped me.  No explanation, nothing. ‘ We have no future’ that’s all I got.  I was devastated.  There was no closure.
I had no contact with her for 8 weeks, then we met in a pub by accident and she told me that she still loves me.  Let’s try to patch things up.  And like a mug I tried.  God did I get the runaround, only to find out after few weeks at trying to ‘patch things up’ and make some sense of the past 2.5 years that she’s now found the love of her life and it’s her boss that she’s worked with for 13 years.  He’s left his wife.  She (my exN) loves him but he doesn’t know it.. yeah right.  She is a good liar.
She has done this cycle of partners 3 times, including me as far as know.  With overlap basically forming the next relationship before ending the last one.  Nice person.  And then string me along so in case it doesn’t work out she’ll carry on with me.

Now there’s no contact and there never will be.  I’ve had a lucky escape.  But at a cost.  I am in my recovery mode at the moment but each day gets better.

The Narcissist –
Feels entitled to do whatever they like.
Uncaring. (May show that they care but if it has no benefit to them they don’t care).
Fears abandonment.
Cannot stand on their own 2 feet.
Feels superior, above everyone else including you.
Idealization.  Always looking for the perfect lover or scenario.
You – the NS – will always be 2-3 steps behind.  And be thankful that you are acknowledged – even just for now. 
Nice, nice person.
Lacks empathy.
Feels little or no remorse.
Not in touch with themselves.
No sense of identity.
Can’t take criticism well.
Never wrong.
Avoids confrontation.
Seeks absolution in the abused partner.
Economical with the truth.
Lying and will distort the truth so they look good and they believe it to be the truth.  You challenge the lies at your own peril.
Works to their own secret agenda.
They only feel fear and rage
Fear of intimacy.
She had a particular fear of snakes… hmm perhaps she’s seeing something of herself.
Will only do something that benefits themselves.

What they are looking for doesn’t exist.
Therefore YOU no longer exist.
As we know they need to look inside themselves which they will never do.

Sad really.  As there is no happy ending.

ON a positive note… I always look at my cup being half full, rather that half empty.  I always look to gain from an experience rather that lose.

To help get over it, write down your story, post it on blogs, you will realise your not alone.  Other people have similar stories etc.  This is your story – and in fact treasure it.  Add to it, craft it, its you now and its time you nailed this demon and put it away forever.  The N has given you a gift, by stripping you away – you now have a chance to rebuild yourself into a better person.  Seize that chance because believe me you can change yourself for the better.  I know I have. You will feel better in time.   Believe that you can be happy again.  You don’t need ANYONE to validate who you are.  Believe in positive karma.  Believe in yourself.  I know I am a good person.  I am valued, loved and understood by those around me.

The narcissist isn’t any of these.  They’ve denied themselves of it and it’s not through choice.  I think its wrong to belittle them.  It might make us feel better in the short-term but in the long-term it doesn’t.  They are tortured infantile souls that have, and will never grow up.  Because quite simply they can’t.  In my case I think her mother is a narcissist as well.  Although I didn’t know her that well and I only got a bit of the devaluation at the very end.  But the point is her mum is on her own and has been for years.  She gets her NS through her kids and grand children I think.  And to add to irony – my exN has said she will ‘probably end up like her mum – alone’.  How prophetic. Or should I say pathetic.

No contact whatsoever is the best solution.

Bless you all on this site because God I know you have all suffered.

The truth will set you free.  But at first, it will piss you off

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FAQ:  Do narcissists realize what they are?

Would a narcissist take his camping chair and steal away to an isolated peaceful pond to sit quietly to reflect on his life/deeds/words?

Would he make a fearless moral inventory of himself and resolve to make amends to anyone he had harmed by his callousness?


I don’t think he is capable of that much introspection.  I guess that is probably good for him in a way.  If N’s had the ability to care about others, if the were able to realize how much harm they have caused other people, if they knew how much other people hated to deal with them, even for a moment…I doubt they would be able to live with themselves.

(Which I guess would be a good thing….they wouldn’t be walking the earth.)

No, they think that we (the victims) are the ones to blame, for everything.  Everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault.  The N can do no wrong.  Just like the preschooler who gets caught being naughty, he quickly looks for someone else to blame…even if it’s his teddy bear.

Whenever I read a post from a person who is afraid that he/she has become like his/her Narcissist – I will frequently comment to assure them that if they were becoming like the N, they certainly wouldn’t be worried about it.  They certainly wouldn’t be asking.

Do I think that the N might ever have an epiphany and realize what a scum bag he is?  Could he develop a conscious and repent from how he has abused anyone having the misfortune of knowing him?

Not in a million years.

The photo above is entitled “Hidden Depths.”
There is no depth to a Narcissist, but there is a great deal that is hidden…especially from their “supply.”

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