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“Arrrrh…there be spoilers ahead….”  Oops – wrong movie. 

I managed to round up, feed and get three “tweens” in the car yesterday morning in time for us to catch the first showing of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”  Try explaining to kids in “summer time brain mode” that the odds of seeing a premiere at the second showing on the day it opens is a rare thing indeed. 
They were surprised to see a queue around the building. 
Pardon my British “accent” but I’ve just finished a great book that I will post about soon.  It’s all done in British dialogue and I’ve rather picked it up.  That, and the kids thought that we should watch all 5 previous movies to prepare for the new one.  I’ve sounded a bit like Molly Weasley all week.  I was the only one who re-read the book; I told the kids the books would have Bonus Materials not found in the movie. 

I’m glad our theatre was filled with mothers, kids and retired people.  No one hushed me when I had to explain why Hermione was crying in the stairwell with Harry…why Harry was comforting her…and why Ron doesn’t seem to get it. 
It was my niece who asked, “Why doesn’t Ron get IT?” 
She’s years beyond her cousin in relational comprehension and she’s only 3 months older. 

All in all we gave it a Four Thumbs up. 
You’ve got to love “Ginny Weasley” in this clip. 
In the theatre, all 3 kids lean into me and said, “Mom! Auntie E…she sounds like you!” 

The video has been disabled by request.  Click on the YouTube link to view.


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 Harper's Island

Am I the only one who got hooked on Harper’s Island? 

It had a lighthouse in the intro.  Lighthouses are one of my weaknesses. 
It sounded like a good murder mystery…something fun for the end of the year.  
OMG!  Did anyone else think it was bloody? 

The last couple weeks I’ve been telling my husband that I thought it was Henry. 
I have even laid awake at night trying to process who the accomplice might be.  Since the beginning I’ve trying to figure out what was the motive?  So creepy…so he and his half sister could be together. 
I knew that Wakefield sounded like a psycho…and tonight we find that his son Henry is a “chip off the old block”.
Did they ever tell us who tied Cousin Ben under the boat? 

Does anyone else find it terrifying that Henry acted like a great guy only to turn out to be a psycho? 
Anyone know somebody like that?!
If anyone feel like debriefing?  Comment here. 

BTW- The N’s eyes looked like Henry’s. 


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Thanks to E S GIBBS & Time for the photo…precious

Random thoughts and memories of the Big Day….

Three rehearsals before the big event…Tiring

One wardrobe malfunction…who knew his feet were going to out grown the ‘viola recital shoes’ in little over one month?  $15.00

CA’s “June gloom” burning off just as he receives his certificate.

Taking photos at the edge of the stage as he receives his awards….
Hubby asks me if I am a member of the Paparazzi….”The other three” pretend they don’t know me. 

One hellium ballon….”You Totally ROCK Grad”…$12.99
The helium refreshed for free.

Photos with his nemesis…..they will be missing each other before long.

Tickets for 3 no make that 4, when Sam invites a fellow “grad” to an evening showing of “UP ” in 3D…$51.00
…gasp, choke, sputter…but we made two ‘tween boys very happy…and we’ve got 3 pairs of 3D glasses! 

Sam and friend sitting a row behind us giggling….Wish I’d taken a photo of the sparkling eyes and excitement.

Unlimited refills on popcorn and two large drinks….$15.00
They call it the Family Pack…it should be called the Upset Tummy Pack. 
3 AM the next morning found me sanitizing the bathroom floor….Sam missed the trash can and the comode…seven times…
Just part of Motherhood. 

“UP”…hit close to home …
For what they did this past week for the little girl dying from a vasular cancer was compassionate, touching and very God Like. 
Many Blessings to you.
To read more about it go to:   http://www.ocregister.com/articles/pixar-up-movie-2468059-home-show?referrer=google

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