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Boz Scaggs –

Last month, Hubby saw that Boz Scaggs was performing in SO CAL with James Ingram. 
I have never seen Boz live and I really wanted to go. 
I have a secret confession – I have a favorite Boz CD that I listen to while balancing the checkbook. 
It makes the task tolerable.   

The tickets for the ‘nose bleed’ section of the venue were reasonable but I wanted to see him larger than an ant. 
The tickets in the pit were $300 +…. 
Too rich for my (summer vacation without a check) blood. 
I will have to settle for watching old videos on youtube.

Here’s Boz and one of my favorite songs.


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During one of those cross country trips when I was a tween one of the 8 tracks that we played a lot was an Nat King Cole album. 
There was one song in particular that popped back in my head during our recent whirlwind tour of National Parks.  When we were in Williams, Arizona, I saw this sign and I couldn’t stop singing the song.  Sam thought I was nuts.  Since I am a mom, I guess he thinks that anyway.

The 8 track tape has been long since donated to the Smithsonian so I don’t know the title of the album it appeared on, but I managed to find it on youtube….They have EVERYTHING! 


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Early this morning while I was checking my email, I came across an article on the next great performer on “Britain’s Got Talent” television show. 
The article pictured a sweet faced woman, 47 years old, from a little village in Scotland. 
I was intrigued.  
Anyone courageous enough to stand in front of Simon Cowell and sing would get a vote for bravery from me. 
I read on. 
I watched the video.

Since when did a person’s physical appearance become an indicator of how well they can sing?  Is it necessary for a person to wear the most expensive makeup, have the latest hair style and most costly designer fashions to capture our attention? 

There is SO much I would like to comment on…in regards to the audience…but I am holding back…otherwise I would unleash a sermon they have not likely heard before.  I thought that the events of the past few years would have made people realize that the outside shell of a person does not give you a true picture of their heart & soul. 
Apparently I was wrong to think that human beings have ‘evolved’ beyond being so shallow and petty. 

Miss Boyle carried on despite the rudeness of her listening audience.  What a beautiful and gracious woman! 
She has a voice that we should be hearing (soon) at the Metropolitan Opera. 
To quote a Sunday school song, she and her voice are like the line “hide it under a bushel?  NO!  I’m gonna let it shine!”
It is my prayer that she will be shining among us for years to come. 

What a honor it is write about this lady.  An American phrase comes to mind…”You Go Girl!!”  You were fabulous. 
I am blessed to have heard you sing.

Watch the video –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut68Set-w0o

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