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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change that I have too much stuff….

Courage to change the things I can to throw the stuff away

And the Wisdom to know the difference that this part of the journey is only a brief side trip.


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   We started teaching the boys to pray when they were very young.  We taught them to say the blessing over meals and at night before bed…..& sometimes in the morning….”Help me to be a good boy and not make mama’s hair turn any whiter.”    

     When Tim, Matt and Pete said the blessings before meals, their prayers were short & sweet.  By age 3, Sam could present the Gospel in a matter of 45 seconds. 

     One early summer evening I was getting ready to put dinner on the table.  Just a simple meal, grilled chicken, salad for some of us, baked bread, fresh green peas and a bowl of fruit.  We all sat down, my husband asked Sam to say the blessing.  Upon seeing what we were having for dinner, Sam prayed, ” Heavenly Father thank you for the food you set before us, thank you for the ‘bessings’ of the day….help our bodies ‘gghrow’….and please help the pizza man to get here soon!” 

     Tim choked back the laughter, Matthew had to get up from the table and Pete…he nearly shot the mouthful of food he snuck during prayer, across the table.  Kids…..you can’t make this stuff up!

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      I could have also named this post “God’s graciousness.”   

Last week as I was filling out my youngest son’s emergency card for school.  I remembered a buried memory of The N.  (Narcissist for those not in the know.)

     Four years ago, I was filling out emergency forms for my children still in school.  The schools wanted name of 4 people that could pick up the student, in case of a disaster.  I asked the N if I could add him to the permission cards.  He was so angry that I had asked him such a question.  He yelled at me for ten minutes and then said “Okay.”  Looking back now, I cannot even remember his reasoning for the outburst.  (Oh yeah, N’s don’t need a reason.) 

     Thankfully, I never put him down as an emergency contact, and the guardian angels relaxed…a little.  Its safe…you can put your swords away now guys. 

(I had to settle for a painting of an angel.  Every time I take the camera out to take a photo of Sam’s “armed guard” he, or she gets camera shy.)   :  ) 

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