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 Harper's Island

Am I the only one who got hooked on Harper’s Island? 

It had a lighthouse in the intro.  Lighthouses are one of my weaknesses. 
It sounded like a good murder mystery…something fun for the end of the year.  
OMG!  Did anyone else think it was bloody? 

The last couple weeks I’ve been telling my husband that I thought it was Henry. 
I have even laid awake at night trying to process who the accomplice might be.  Since the beginning I’ve trying to figure out what was the motive?  So creepy…so he and his half sister could be together. 
I knew that Wakefield sounded like a psycho…and tonight we find that his son Henry is a “chip off the old block”.
Did they ever tell us who tied Cousin Ben under the boat? 

Does anyone else find it terrifying that Henry acted like a great guy only to turn out to be a psycho? 
Anyone know somebody like that?!
If anyone feel like debriefing?  Comment here. 

BTW- The N’s eyes looked like Henry’s. 



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